Referral Bonuses are now in effect! When you successfully refer a family who enrolls you will receive a $50 cash back bonus.

Without social media I will be relying on word of mouth to enroll new children. Take a business card and share them around, I have plenty. If you have any questions please feel free to ask anytime.


It is time for me to be sending out my yearly evaluations. I appreciate honest feedback and take every suggestion to heart, please be honest and return all surveys. Thank you.


I am a surrogate, this will be my second surrogacy that I have done. I will be going out of town to go get pregnant from December 15-24. I will be around on the 14th however I will be having Jasmine substitute that whole week of the 14th-18th. We will be closed the last two weeks of the year. I am available to talk about surrogacy at any time!


We will be closed for our annual holiday break December 21st through January 1st. We will return to regular schedule January 4th. This is a paid holiday and I will be out of town a majority of the closure in order to hold your spot all tuition is due on regular schedule. If you are needing a babysitter during this time you are free to ask Jasmine if she is available, I do not know her rates at this time.

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