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About Us:

Flower Child Development LLC was established in 2018 by Stephanie Hearon. At Flower Child we are committed to creating a daycare or school experience like no other, with a strong to commitment to holistic nature we start with our environment, being a home daycare we resemble a school in a home, followed by our diet. Over the last almost 6 years Stephanie has delved into the world of studying food and where it comes from, she reads every label and researches every ingredient providing a one of a kind menu for the kids to eat. There are no preservatives, processed flours or sugars and everything is organic. Breakfast contains a fruit and a grain, lunch is veggie packed also including a grain and a protein and snack can include two of each food group with dairy very limited. We also serve a wide variety of meals including vegetarian, home-style, soups sandwiches and salads, always trying to keep it interesting and new for the kids. As a dedicated teacher of all we are always available to offer information and recipes.

All of our cleaning supplies are non-toxic good for you good for the environment and EPA approved, for the highest and healthiest cleaning standard for you and your families.

We offer care for all ages under the guise that everything is a learning experience, even as a teacher. Our environment stays flexible to cater to all ages. Developmentally appropriate activities can be added at any time, and our teachers build relationships with each student to implement their own personal interests into the space with toys and activities they each can find personal interest in. All of our teachers study child development and have the skills to keep all daily activities developmentally appropriate with a fine balance in mastering old skills and learning new things. We offer multiple curriculum including: Playing Skillfully for ages 3 to 7, Generation Mindful's Emotional Understanding and Time In Tool Kit, Yoga, 4 weeks to read program, Nature School Handbook, Gardening, Table Manners and Life Skills.

About the Author:

Flower Child Development LLC is a passion and career I pour all of myself into. I'm Stephanie Hearon and I am the owner, director and primary care giver at Flower Child. I'm currently 27 and the mother of Emma who is 5. My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is mashed potatoes, and my favorite thing to do is be outside or doing art. I consider my self an artist as I love painting, art journaling, crocheting, and making crafts and activities for the kids. I'm currently enrolled at OCCC in the Associates for Child Development Program under the Scholars for Excellence Scholarship. I love all kids and I identify as a hippie with a love for all things holistic or natural.

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